Making Wax Dipped Flowers / A Fun and Rewarding Project

For a fun and rewarding project, try making wax dipped flowers to decorate your home. It’s not only is fun and rewarding, it’s not a very difficult project.

To make your process go very smoothly you should gather everything you need and have it ready at hand. With that said we will start by discussing the items that you will need to complete your project. Here is a list of those items:

  • A selection of Artificial Flowers of your choice
  • Pillar Wax or Votive wax
  • Candle Scent
  • Candle Dye as an option, if you want to deepen the flower color
  • Pouring Pot, of course
  • A Candle Thermometer
  • UV Stabilizer. (This is an option, but I highly recommend it)
  • Newspaper or Aluminum Foil to cover your work area
  • Paper Towels for clean up of spills
  • A Stir Stick or Metal Spoon
  • Double Boiler ( can be home made)
  • Cookie Sheet
  • Cooking Spray
  • Cookie Cutter

Now Let’s Discuss The Step By Step Process On Making Your Own Wax Dipped Flowers

This is an easy and fun project that can be easily suited to all the different holidays just by using different flowers. Start by covering your work area with newspaper or aluminum foil. Drips and spills seem to always happen. So be prepared. You don’t want to have to clean wax off your work area.

Measuring out your wax: The amount of wax you will need varies on the size of your flowers and on how many you will be dipping. As an example for about 10 or 11 flowers you will most likely need about one and a half pound of wax.Tip: If you have any left over pour it into a pillar mold and use it at another time after it cools.

Melting your wax: Melt your wax in the Double Boiler to a temperature between 175 & 185 degrees F depending on your wax of choice.Tip: I recommend checking with you candle wax supplier for the correct melting temperature of the wax you are using if you don’t know for sure what it is.

You can easily make a Double Boiler by putting several inches of water in a pan a little bigger than your Pouring Pot.

Place your pouring pot in to the pan of water I recommend adding an inexpensive metal cookie cutter under the Pouring Pot to raise it. By doing this you will be sure that the wax will not be exposed to direct heat. Adjust your heat source to a medium low setting. Your water needs to boil, but not to a rolling boil. You do not want the water to spatter out of the pan.

Be sure to check the temperature of the wax often to make sure it isn’t getting too hot. Adjust the temperature as needed by raising or lowering the heat source as needed. Now while the wax is melting, use the cooking spray to coat the cookie sheet. This will allow the wax to release more easily when cooled.

Measure and Add Candle Scent: If you choose to use it. Once your wax has reached the proper temperature, you are ready to add the Candle Scent. The amount you use will depend on the wax you’re using. It may range from 0.5 to 1.0 ounces of scent per pound of wax. Pour the Candle Scent into the wax and stir it at least twenty times to make sure it well blended. Don’t cut back here!Tip: It is common to add 1.0 ounces of Candle Scent per one pound of wax. Candle Scent is usually measured by weight. If your scale will not measure such a small amount a tablespoon is equal to 0.5 ounces. Measure and add dye: If you choose to do so. You are now ready to add the correct amount of dye to your wax. When using dye blocks, the block will melt more quickly if shaved cut or into mall pieces. When finished adding the desired amount, stir the dye in until it is completely blended. Again at least twenty times.If using liquid dye, adjust the amount of drops to get the desired shade you’re looking for. Remember once you add the dye it can’t be removed, so add it sparingly especially if you are only trying to achieve a light or pastel color. You can always add more if it is not dark enough. As in using dye blocks stir until it blended completely. Again at least twenty times.

Tip: If you prefer the natural color of the flowers the addition of dye may not be necessary. Dye can be added, but keep in mind it will change the natural appearance of the flowers.

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When Adding Color, Always Test Your Color: The color of your hot wax will usually look a lot darker than when it is completely cooled. To test your color drip a little bit on a paper plate, actually any plate will do, but a paper plate can just be thrown away when you are finished testing. Be careful the wax is hot enough to burn you if it gets on your hands. When it hardens you will be able to see its true color. If needed you can always add a little more dye. 

UV Stabilizers

Adding An Optional UV Stabilizer: If you used a color dye, I recommend that you use an UV Stabilizer to keep the color from fading. Candle wax will fade when exposed to UV Rays or fluorescent light. You will need to add about ½ teaspoon to each pound of wax. Mixing is very important here. Mix it thoroughly for three to five minutes. Don’t hold back here! After mixing check your temperature once more to make sure it is between 175 & 185 degrees F. When temperature is right remove your Pouring Pot from the Double Boiler. Be careful the Pouring Pot handle may be a little hot; you may need to use a pot holder. Set the Pouring Pot on a couple of layers of paper towels to absorb any water on the bottom of the Pot.

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Coating Your Flowers With Wax: Now dip your flower in the melted wax. Be very sure to cover the entire base of the flower. You don’t have to dip the stem. When you remove the flower from the wax, gently shake off any excess wax to ensure that the top of the flower stays smooth while it is cooling.

If the flower has a lot of smaller petals, it may be necessary to separate the petals so they don’t stick together while cooling.

Tip: A wooden cuticle stick (Orange Stick) works very well for this. If you don’t have one, try using a small plastic fork or other such item.

Last Step, Let The Flower Dry Completely: Do this by hanging the flower upside down while drying. Place a cookie sheet or aluminum foil underneath in case any wax drips off,Final Notes: You’re Done! You’ve completed your project. You now have beautiful Wax Flowers to use around your home, give away to friends and relatives. You may even want to sell them.

Take caution when transporting or moving your flowers from place to place because even though the petals appear to be hard to the touch, they can crack very easily.

I thank you for reading this post and hop that you enjoyed it.

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