The Process of Candle Making



Is Fun



Candle Making allows you the opportunity to be creative, although there are basic Candle Making steps you need to follow to have the process go smoothly. There is nothing more disappointing than finding out your Candles did not form correctly.

Also I can’t stress enough how important safety is in Candle making. That is because many people make Candles at home in their own kitchen. Lets discuses some safety procedures for a moment:

  • You should always have a fire extinguisher handy.
  • You should have a non slip mat away from the stove on your work surface.
  • If possible your work surface should be heat resistant.
  • Clean up all spilled wax immediately. Spilled wax ignites very rapidly.
  • Always wear old clothes with long sleeves. However, make sure your long sleeves don’t hang down where they can get into the hot wax.
  • It’s best to melt your wax in a double boiler. If you are melting your wax by placing the pouring pot directly on the heat source, be sure to wipe all wax off the pour pot before placing it on the heat source. If you don’t the wax will melt off and ignite.

You will have to get the Candle wax very hot for it to melt completely, this may cause the risk of severe burns. In addition to this you have the risk of starting a fire. Also as I mentioned above about wearing old clothes, because Candle scents and dyes will stain your clothes if you get it on them.

I have been making Candles for over twenty years and have never had a flare up or severe burn. But I have always followed all the safety rules. Wait I just remembered. I did have a problem once when I first started making sand Candles many years ago. TemperatureYou need your wax at a very high temperature to make sand Candles. Well I wasn’t paying attention to my wax temperature and it reached flash point. Well guess what? The vapors ignited, that was a scary situation. I was fortunate and was not harmed. But I learned my lesson, and that never happened again.


The best way to set up your Candle Making work area is to divide it into three specific work areas:

  • Area One, for your preparations: The preparation area doesn’t need to be a large area. All you need is a flat surface that is well organized. To make the process flow best use a counter close to the stove, or what ever heat source you are using.

You will want to keep your all your utensils, thermometer, additives, and other Candle making supplies in this area. It is a good idea to know what type of Candle you will be making so that you have all the necessary items ready to use.

  • Area Two, for your melting process: In most cases your melting area will most likely be your stove. You will need a double boiler to melt your wax to the recommend temperature. Do not over heat your wax or you will scorch it. If you are using direct heat you can damage the molecular structure of the wax. Thus your Candles won’t form well or won’t hold up well when they are used.

Wax comes in sheets, blocks, or shredded (flakes). If you are using sheets or blocks you will need to chip off chunks for melting. I found that a hammer and flat head screwdriver works well for this.

Chipping wax should be done in the preparation area though. So that you can add more pieces throughout the melting process. You want to weigh each piece of wax before adding it to the melting pot. This will help you determine how much scent and dye to add, because it is based on weight.

  •  Area Three, for the cooling process. Your cooling area needs to be a flat area such as a countertop or table. Since the wax needs to cool for several hours the area needs to withstand high temperatures, and remain undisturbed for long periods of time. It needs to be level so that your finished candle does not slant.

The area should not be directly in the path of sunlight or heating/cooling systems or the Candle will not set properly. If you plan to use Candle molds have them set up in the cooling area while the wax is melting. Once the wax is melted and it is at the correct temperature, you will need to pour it into the molds immediately. I suggest to prevent a mess from spilled wax use an old cookie sheet for the molds to sit on.

Final Notes

Your Candle making process will go very smoothly and efficient if you follow the tips we have discussed for setting up the three work areas we discussed. While the process of Candle making is fun, it is important that you realize there are certain dangers while making Candles. Such as possible burns and fires. But if you follow the proper safety precautions we have discussed it will help ensure the safe making of Candles in your home or anywhere else you choose, and it’s a great way to spend time and have lots of fun.

I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this post, and that it has helped you have a better understanding of the importance of The Process of Candle Making

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