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Making Container Candles / A Fun Camp Project

Container Candles are a beautiful way to accent your home, especially the dining room and bathroom. To make your Container Candles look their best, pick glassware that is sturdy and has a simple design that will not take away from the beauty of your Candle. You can purchase Glassware for a very low price if you will just shop around a little bit. You canYo generally find great deals at yard sales and flea markets. If you are going to need larger quantities try places like Dollar […]

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Making Column Candles / It’s Easy And Fun

If you have been making Tapers why not try making Column Candles. They are similar to Tapers, but are wider and usually shorter. Their top isn’t pointed like a Taper is. Actually it looks sort of like the top of a plateau. Column Candles are a very pretty and distinct Candle that has a very classic and timeless look to them. One of the unique aspects of the Column Candle is that it has a ridged design rather than a smooth design like a Taper Candle. They […]

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