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Candle Making Equipment

The MARK VIIe candle filling machine is a candle factory on wheels! One person can pour thousands of perfect candles a day. The machine adds color, fragrance and wax. It mixes as it pours. No waste, no spills. A perfect candle every time. This equipment provides tremendous savings on total production costs! For more information about the equipment and to order yours, visit our website at http://coogarproducts.com/.

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Dear Sir and Madame, Thanks for your interest in our candle making machine.Our company, Excellence International Industry Limited is a professional company for wax bright candle making machine production and candle material supply.We have more then 10 years experience in candle machine making and export. Our machine is easy to operate,save space and high productivity.We export our machine to many country that like Uganda,Kenya,Tunis,Pakistan,India,Philippines and so on. We also supply very good before and after sale service. If your want to know more detail,pls kindly send the […]

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The Process of Candle Making

Making Candles Is Fun And  Relaxing Candle Making allows you the opportunity to be creative, although there are basic Candle Making steps you need to follow to have the process go smoothly. There is nothing more disappointing than finding out your Candles did not form correctly. Also I can’t stress enough how important safety is in Candle making. That is because many people make Candles at home in their own kitchen. Lets discuses some safety procedures for a moment: You should always have a fire extinguisher handy. You should […]

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