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Making Wax Dipped Flowers / A Fun and Rewarding Project

For a fun and rewarding project, try making wax dipped flowers to decorate your home. It’s not only is fun and rewarding, it’s not a very difficult project. To make your process go very smoothly you should gather everything you need and have it ready at hand. With that said we will start by discussing the items that you will need to complete your project. Here is a list of those items: A selection of Artificial Flowers of your choice Pillar Wax or Votive wax Candle Scent […]

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Candle Making Temperature / The Main Variant

In my last post titled “Candle Making Procedure/No Detail Is Too Small” we discussed Temperature: Temperature is the main variant with all types of wax without a doubt. Temperature is of the utmost importance. I told you that It is so important that I will be writing a post on it next week. OK, here it is. Candle Making Temperature / The Main Variant As we discussed in Candle Making there are three temperatures that need to be controlled. And those three are: The pouring temperature of wax. […]

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Candle Making Procedures / No Detail Is Too Small

I want you to think back to the first few times you made a candle. It probably looked OK sitting there in its mold, and you were proud of it because you did all the right things. You followed the Candle Making Procedure, because you knew No Detail Is Too Small. You selected the correct wax, scent (fragrance), and color. And you let the candle cool overnight just to be sure. Then that morning you removed the candle from the mold. Oh my gosh, the candle didn’t […]

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