Making Chunk Candles/An Alternative To Pillar Candles

Making Chunk Candles is fun… easy and is a nice alternative to just making standard Pillar Candles… because Chunk Candles are so very colorful and give vibrancy to your Candle.

When, you look at a Chunk Candle… it appears to be very difficult to make. On the contrary, just the opposite is true. Looking at Chunk Candles, they do appear to be very difficult to make.

However, just the opposite is true. Many Candle Makers will tell you they are easier to make than your basic Pillar Candle.

Why is this you ask?… well it is because when you make a Pillar Candle it has to be perfectly smooth. Because if they aren’t, it will be very easy to see the visual defects. Whereas with Chunk Candles these blemishes aren’t very visible.

While Chunk Candles aren’t usually recommended as a beginner Candle Making project… they can easily be made once you know the basics of the Candle making process.

There Are Two Phases To Making Chunk Candles

To make the process easier… we recommend that you keep those two phases separate… if you attempt to cut corners it usually ends with your Candles being of poor quality and will not burn well. The first phase of the project is making the chunks…the second is the process of turning those chunks into beautiful colorful Candles.

Tip: Some Candle Makers choose to buy pre cut chunks at craft stores or online from their

favorite Candle Supplier.

To Make Your Prettiest Candles

We suggest that you select colors that compliment one another. So in the first phase start making the color chunks by lightly spraying a cookie sheet with a non-stick cooking spray.

You only want a very thin film on the cookie sheet. After the wax you’re using has completely melted, add your choice of color to it as well as an fragrance if you want a scented Chunk Candle… pour the wax that you just prepared on to the cookie sheet… fill the sheet to the level you want your Candle chunks to be.

Keep a close on the cooling color chunks and when it gets to the consistency of cookie dough… use a sharp knife to cut it into chunks the size you have decided on. Allow the chunks to continue cooling. Do this same process for each color of chunks you have decided to use in your Chunk Candles.

No Special Molds Are Needed

Use the same molds that you used to make your Pillar Candles… just insert your wick through the bottom of the candle mold… fill the mold loosely with color chunks. Here is where you can creative… you can put one color in the bottom… another color in the middle and another color on top to give you three layers of color… or you can just one color. The choice is all yours. So be creative.

Tip: Do not pack your chunks too tightly in the mold… if you do the Candle won’t form properly… just toss them in and let them lay where they end up.

You Are Now Ready To Pour Your Melted Wax Over The Color Chunks

I recommend that you leave your melted wax colorless… but some Candle Makers choose to add a light color to tint it and a uniqueness to their Chunk Candles. As, the Candle cools the chunks will adhere to each other with the hot wax. Once, the molds cool the Chunk Candles should slide out with ease.

As You Can See Making Chunk Candles Is Really Quite Easy

Making Chunk Candles is really quite simple if you have the basic Candle making concepts down pat. Chunk Candles add a touch of flare to any de’cor as well as make great gifts. I know they are a might bit time-consuming to make because of the two separet processes… but I assure you it will be well worth it.

Tip: If you plan to make large quantities of Chunk Candles you can save time by purchasing your chunks from you favorite Candle Supplier.