How to make scented candles at home step by step

Learn how to make scented candles at home step by step. make your own scented candles. watch how easy it to make your own fragrant candles like you buy in store. see more hear:

Steps to to Make a Scented Candle

1.Wash out the jars you want to use
2.Dry your jars completely by preheating them
3.Assemble the candle wicks
4.Take the jars out of the oven and attach the wicks.
5.Secure each wick in place.
6.Measure out your wax flakes.
7.Make a double boiler to melt the wax
8.Turn the stove to a low to medium heat
9.Test the temperature of the wax.
10.Add color to your candle.
11.Take the wax off the stove. Once it reaches
these temperatures and is fully
melted, set the measuring cup aside.
12.Add the essential oils.
13.Place a tray or newspaper under your jars.
14.Pour the wax into your jars slowly
15.Leave space at the top of the candle as you pour.
16.Top off the candle with a little more wax.

Scented candles are great for home decoration and aromatherapy. They also make excellent for handmade gifts. Personalize your home and gifts for loved ones with your own homemade candles.

Essential oils carry a better scent and last longer. They also have more health benefits than artificial scents.
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