How To Make Perfect Dipped Beeswax Taper Candles (In An Old Tin Can)

Home-made beeswax candles are a real pleasure to make and to use – and they make a perfect gift too. Everyone should have a go making them (especially if you have children and/or bees?). The key to doing it successfully is choosing the right containers in the first place. In this case we’re using an old gallon can that once contained wood-preservative. (Cut the top off with a can-opener.) Whatever you choose, it should be deep and straight-sided, or you’ll have to heat more wax than you need to. The outer container just needs to hold enough water to keep the wax melted.

These are cotton wicks – you can get ones made especially for beeswax (but they all seem to work). Keep the wax just above melting point – any hotter and you’ll only have to cool them more between dips. Or wait longer.

Purists among you will say these need rolling – well we like them with the odd wrinkle. After all, they’re home-made and they should look it. If you want them smoother, just roll them between wet, flat boards while they’re still warm.

And if you want them parallel and not tapered, you’ll need to turn them upside down half way through the process (why would you bother??).

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