DIY Candle Melts and Tarts-Soy Wax-Gift Idea or Start a Business!

How to Make Tarts and Melts w/Soy Wax:
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These soy wax melts are so easy to make and you can make them in so many different shapes. Just find some molds that can withstand some heat. I found some Easter Jello molds on sale at the store, and I also have Valentines heart molds which were actually for making heart shaped cupcakes, but they work wonderfully for wax melts!

You can find the metal tart molds online at most candle supplier's websites or on (disclaimer: this is an Affiliate link. I do get paid a small commission if you buy through this link, so thank you in advance if you do!)

I buy most of my soy candle making supplies from CandleSoylutions: The votive wax, Breezy Meadow fragrance oil and dye are all from CandleSoylutions.

Ecosoya PB (Pillar Blend) is a great alternative for your soy melts as I explained in the video. Also, American Soy Organics has a Pillar Blend soy wax as well: I have not had a chance to try their pillar blend yet.

Also, I forgot to mention in the video that the reason I like to use the Votive or Pillar blends is because the wax shrinks as it cools so that it will release from the molds. If you use a 100% soy wax or container blend type soy, you would need to use some sort of mold release product or else the wax will adhere to the molds and won't come out very well!

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