Candle Making Temperature / The Main Variant

Candle Making Temperature

In my last post titled “Candle Making Procedure/No Detail Is Too Small” we discussed Temperature: Temperature is the main variant with all types of wax without a doubt. Temperature is of the utmost importance. I told you that It is so important that I will be writing a post on it next week. OK, here it is. Candle Making Temperature / The Main Variant

As we discussed in Candle Making there are three temperatures that need to be controlled. And those three are:

  • The pouring temperature of wax.
  • The temperature of the room you are pouring in.
  • The temperature of the container or mold.

Let’s Delve Deeper Into That Topic Here

Many of us Candle Makers throughout the globe not only love Candle Making, we also love the change of seasons. The beauty of leaves changing color in the fall, snow covered fields and snow capped mountains in the winter, and being able to sleep throughout the night with our windows open. I know I really appreciate these things.

There is a flip side to these changing seasons though for the Candle Maker. The changing of seasons can have a tremendous effect on our Candle Making process. I know that many of you have already learned that the process used to make candles is as important as the materials you use.

Candle Makers have coined the phrase Temperature, Temperature, Temperature. TemperatureFor you to create the same quality Candle throughout the seasons, summer, fall, winter, and spring, requires the materials you use be of high quality and your process be consistent.

As I stated earlier there are three Temperatures that you need to keep as consistent as possible.

Let’s Discuss them Now

  • Pouring Temperature of the Wax: During the summer and warmer months Candles will cool a lot slower and this will have an effect on the finish of the Candle. On the other hand if your work area is cooler and the Candle starts to set up quicker it might change the finish you are trying to achieve. It is not uncommon to increase your pouring Temperature as the weather begins to cool.
  • Room TemperatureRoom Temperature: As the temperature outside begins to cool down it may be necessary to adjust your work area temperature to compensate for the change. The cooling process of your candle is very important to achieve consistent results. If you cannot adjust your room Temperature increase your pouring Temperature to offset the cooler room Temperature.

Tip: As cold weather sets in you may experience that your votives and pillars might come out of their molds easier.

  • Container TemperatureCandle Mold Or Container Temperature: During the cooler times of the year the mold or container you are pouring into can start to chill if you are pouring first thing in the morning when the outside Temperature cooler. It may be necessary to warm your Candle mold or container a little to offset the cooler Temperature.

Lets Go Over The Essential Tools For Candle Making

  • For Your Melting Pot use a Double Boiler
  • Candle Thermometer
  • Molds or Containers
  • Mold Sealer for Some Molds
  • Release Agent or Mold Release
  • Oven Mitt or Pot Holder
  • Scissors or Knife to Cut Wick
  • Newspaper or Aluminum Foil to Cover Work Area
  • Old Clothing, dyes and scents will stain your clothing

You Can Make Professional Looking Candles

To make professional looking Candles for your home, give as gifts, or even sell, you need high quality waxes, wicks, colors, scents, molds, containers and other Candle making supplies. My personal source for all of these is CANDLEWIC Professional Candle Making Supplies. You can find them by clicking Candlewic Candle Supplies Now.

Final Notes The Key to consistent success in you’re your Candle making process is to control all three Temperatures we have discussed and do so throughout the course of the year, as well be prepared to make adjustment based on the changing seasons. It is also imperative that you continually use high quality materials and supplies at all times.

I thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this post, and that it has helped you have a better understanding of the importance of the Candle Making Temperature / The Main Variant.

Please refer to my previous post CANDLE MAKING PROCEDURE / NO DETAIL IS TOO SMALLby Clicking Here Now .

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