Candle Making Part 1- Making the Wick

In preparation for my Year and a Day Wiccan training, i've decided to make some candles. I really wanted to stick to either bees wax or soy based candles and couldn't find what I was looking for at the shops…so i have decided to make some.

Part 1 entails making your own wick.

1 1/2 cups of warm water
4 Tbsp Borax (found in laundry isle of local supermarket)
2 Tbsp Salt (Table or iodised salt will do fine)

100% cotton cooking twine (cut to just longer than desired length of candles, i'm making 5 inch dipped taper candles so my string is ~7-8 inches. Braid string for bigger candles)

Combine materials in a bowl and soak string over night. Let to hang dry completely ~1-5 days (depending on your whether situation…)

Part 2- Priming the wick and Making the candle